October 1, 2021 Yemeni Coffee Marketing Part Two

We are continuing  the discussion with our guests from the previous episode: Miss Marley the communication specialist at the UNDP, Mr. Ferky the international value chain expert and National coordinator at the UNDP, and Miss Arzaq the CEO of Mocha Valley. 

And from out the studio, our guests are Mr. Faris Shaibani CEO of Qima Coffee, Mr. Mohamed Saeed and Mr. Akram Saeed cofounders of Sheba Coffee


In this episode we will discover :

- What does the Yemeni Coffee need to achieve stability in the global market. 

- What are the difficulties that Yemeni speciality coffee companies facing in marketing Yemeni Coffee? 

- Roles of different players in the Yemeni coffee sector in marketing and support Yemeni coffee. 



This episode is is association with Enab podcast.